Research Interests

I gained my passion for science during my time in the Physics Department at the University of Groningen.

However, the COVID-19 epidemic made me realize that I wanted to understand the biological world around me better, so I decided to become a biophysicist and I enrolled in a joint degree of biophysics graduate program at UvA and VU in Amsterdam. During my Master’s degree, I developed a keen interest in biology and fluorescence microscopy. My master research internship in the laboratory of Prof. Gijs Wuite focussed on the use of optical tweezers to study fluorescently labelled proteins involved in DNA replication.

Since December 2022, I am doing my PhD in Systems Biology at VU University, where I will continue to develop my passion for fluorescence microscopy and biology. In my project, I aim to develop multiplexed FISH to study the human fungal pathogen Candida albicans. I believe that through the multiplexed FISH technique, we can better understand gene expression changes occurring during C. albicans differentiation and biofilm formation.

Contact information

Systems Biology Lab

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Room O|2 01W57

De Boelelaan 1108

1081 HZ Amsterdam