Former Team Members

Kelly van Rossum 

MS student 2020 

Now teacher & technician @ A-LIFE

Kim Verdaasdonk

MS student 2020

Now PhD student @VU Amsterdam

Amber Hondema

BS student 2020

Now MS student @VU

Lalitha Veleti

MS student 2021

Now PhD student @IMP Vienna

Sander van Otterdijk 

MS student 2021 Now PhD student @A-LIFE VU Amsterdam

Tim Molenaar

BS student 2021

Now MS student @VU

Laura Guilherme Luzia 

PhD Student Co-mentored by Bas Teusink

Zhuowei Long

MS student 2021-22

Now Incoming PhD student @Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Sabine Michielsen 

MS Student 2022 Now PhD student @A-LIFE VU Amsterdam

Luna Meister

MS student 2022

Thomas Visser

MS student 2022

Marah Jnied

2022 Visiting PhD student from the Wallace lab

Floris Mebius BS Student 2022-23

Lea Geißl

2023 Visiting PhD Student from the Feldbrügge lab