Welcome to the Microbial Spatial Gene regulation Lab


Mission of the lab

We investigate how the spatiotemporal control of gene expression influences microbial cell physiology and differentiation

We combine high-resolution imaging techniques, molecular biology and genetics to study gene regulation in single fungal and bacterial cells, to understand how single cells adopt both individual and collective strategies to optimize their fitness

 We love microbes!

S. cerevisiae

Filamentous S. cerevisiae

Candida albicans

Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi

Aspergiullus niger

E. coli

 We are always open to explore the physiology of new microorganisms. Contact us for collaborations!

1 - Methods development for RNA visualization and imaging analysis in fixed microbial cells based on single molecule RNA FISH (smFISH)

smFISH-IF in S. cerevisiae

Tutucci et al. 2020

2 - Methods development for RNA imaging in live microbial cells based on the MS2 and PP7 systems

Live imaging MS2 tagged mRNATutucci et al. 2022


3 - Regulation of filamentous fungi differentiation and biofilm formation

Candida albicans

4 - RNA localization and spatial control of protein synthesis

Schematic of S. cerevisiae bud 

mRNA localization

Das et. al 2021

5 - Regulation of mRNA degradation in S. cerevisiae

6 - Development of imaging analysis pipelines for microbial species


Contact evelina.tutucci[at]vu.nl to get more information on the projects